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Did you know, some people choose to qualify as architects and some as architectural technologists. Both trained to the highest standard, but have a slightly different focus. Both architects and architectural technologists are qualified to help you bring your ideas to reality. So if you’re searching for an architect in Chichester or the surrounding areas, you may also consider enlisting the services of an architectural technologist. If so, you may find my blog about the difference between architects and architectural technologists interesting.

With over 30 years experience, I am very well-placed to help you build your dream home. I specialise in the design of residential architecture, particularly new builds, extensions and renovations.

I have extensive knowledge of traditional building techniques and combine this with advances in building technology to produce designs for everyday spaces which work for you.

Extension with oak beam truss

Bring your Ideas to Life

Most architects in Chichester will produce 2D line drawings only but these make it difficult for clients to visualise what their project will look like in reality. 3D drawings help to bring your project to life!

Line Drawing
Rendered Image


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Design &

Whether you are making plans to extend, enlarge, alter or build a new house then we offer a 3D design service to meet your needs. With over 30 years in construction AP architectural can help you with Planning and Building Regulation approvals. We can help if you would just like some advice or not too sure on the processes.

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Using the latest 3D software we can help you visualise your new home in a realistic way. You may want to build a traditional style home or prefer a contemporary look.

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Extensions & Renovations

If you are planning to restyle your property, gain some extra space in the roof or make the best space of your existing home. We can help you with concept designs, guide you through the Planning process and gain Building Regulation approval.

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Planning Permission &
Building Regulations

Whether you are building an extension or a new house, it is likely that you will need to obtain Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval.

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Measured &
Condition Surveys

Measured and condition surveys carried out as part of our design service. A thorough and accurate measured survey is the starting point of the design process. Understanding an existing building that is to be extended or restyled is paramount.

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Not everyone is in a position to deal with the building process. It can be stressful and frustrating. We can work on your behalf to manage both the design and the construction of your project.

A Recent Project

My client, Gemma, was about to buy a new house with her husband and had plans to initially add an extension to the side of the property. 

Gemma had already sent me a photo of the property and the sizes of the rooms so I decided to be a little proactive and modelled the existing house with a two-storey side extension and garage on the ground floor.

Once they completed the purchase, I visited the house to carry out a survey. Starting on the first floor, I measured up all the rooms taking photos as I went. Then, a climb up into the loft space to measure the roof pitch etc and take a note of the roof construction. Measuring the ground floor was next and finally the outside of the house. The front and back garden was surveyed together with the driveway to the side.

We had already discussed the general brief over some previous emails and phone calls; a two-storey extension providing for a garage and an extra bedroom on the first floor, with a further ground floor addition to the rear to enlarge the kitchen. The driveway to the side was not particularly wide so to build a two-storey extension to incorporate a garage on the ground floor was a bit of an ask. Gemma had already had a conversation with the Planning Department and a minimum of 1m was required to the left between a two-storey extension and the boundary between the properties.

A rethink was going to be required….

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