Arches in Chichester

I’m lucky to live in the Beautiful Roman town of Chichester where there are plenty of architectural features to look at. Arches have always fascinated me and here are some examples of beautiful arches found in and around Chichester.

1. Gauged arch with detail

This is a gauged arch in Chichester. These arches are constructed with bricks called ‘rubbers’ which are soft enough to be cut to shape.

arch 1 gauged arch with detail

2. Segmental arch

Arches can be named by their geometric shape. This arch is called a segmental arch as it is a segment of a circle.

arch 2 segmental arch

3. Segmental arch in stretchers

A modern segmental arch. Built from uncut bricks. This arch is most likely supported by a lintel. The brick arch is more decorative.

arch 3 segmental arch in stretchers_

4. Simple segmental arch

A simple segmental arch over a window in Chichester. Built in 1816 using uncut bricks with tapered joints.

arch 4 simple segmental arch 1816

5. Gothic arch Chichester Cathedral

A Chichester Cathedral Gothic arch. Gothic arches are pointed rather than curved.

arch 5 gothic arch found on chichester cathedral_

6. Decorative Gauged arch.

A fine decorative Gauged arch formed over a lovely shaped window.

arch 6 decorative arch in chichester_

7. Georgian arch

Georgian arch or Flat Arch. These arches are not completely flat at the bottom having a slight rise to prevent the illusion of sagging.

arch 7 georgian arch in chichester

8. Semi circular axed arch

This semi circular arch has cut bricks and parallel joints. These cut bricks are known as ‘voussoirs’.

arch 8 semi circular axed arch

9. Stone Gothic Arch

This stone Gothic arch follows the shape of the entrance door.

arch 9 stone gothic arch all saints church_