Managing your Project

Building is stressful, full of ups and downs and can be frustrating but if it all works out then a successful project can be very rewarding.

So what are the pitfalls? Well if you are a novice at carrying out building work and you don’t know the difference between a rafter and a joist then you are likely to come unstuck if you are planning to manage your own project. Good builders will carry out their work in an efficient way and take pride in their work. Many builders will help their client to project manage the build, after all, it’s not in a builder’s interest to be on a job longer than necessary, but there are many cases when unsuspecting clients get caught out.

Building can be a complicated business particularly if you are unsure of what is happening. Programming works so that each trade can follow on to the next and knowing when the materials arrive on site is key to a successful project. Of course, the contractor has the responsibility of carrying out the work but the client has the responsibility to pay hi at certain stages of the work.

Having a qualified professional such as a Chartered Architectural Technologist working on behalf of the client can help both the client an the builder. Ultimately it is the contractor’s responsibility to carry out and complete the works. A Chartered Architectural Technologist can guide the client through the process.

Many clients carry out large refurbishments, extensions, and new builds hoping that builder will do a lot of the project management and it can be quite a shock when this doesn’t happen.

Where clients lack experience and knowledge, engaging a professional to work on their behalf will prove to be money well spent.