So You’re an Architect?

Going out for a meal and meeting someone that  I haven’t met before and the question inevitably gets around to ‘So what do you do for a living?’

” I’m an Architectural Technologist”

” Ah, so you are an architect!”

“Well no, actually I’m a Chartered Architectural Technologist” I reply proudly and a slightly glazed look appears across their face.

” Is it like an Architect then” they say, hoping that I’m going to keep this quick and simple.

“Well similar, I can’t call myself an Architect as I’m not one but I do similar work. I’m a Chartered Architectural Technologist, so I design buildings.” (pause) “Apply for Planning Permission and Building Regulations, that sort of thing”. A look of comprehension replaces the previous confused look. They know a bit more of what I’m talking about now.

“We can do everything that an Architect can do, but I can’t call myself one, it’s a protected title”

” I see”

“The title of Chartered Architectural Technologist is also a protected title so nobody else can use that title either. I can design, produce detailed drawings, manage and advise people on their projects.” I go on to describe how I produce 3D designs, working for different clients and talk about a couple of projects that I’m working on.

The conversation turns, ” so what do you do?”

“I’m an IT Consultant”

“So you are good on computers?”

” Not really”, a glazed look appears on my face similar to the one I had witnessed before……

A little meeting and greeting time later.

“So what do you do?”

“I’m a…… I’m a Building Designer”

“That’s so cool, like a Technologist then?” I smile.